sam smith 23/2/14

HELLO BLOG ! long time no internet but  omg so ok i went to see sam smith in brighton on sunday (for the 3rd time lol I feel like I've repeated this so much HAHA) but it was honestly one of the best shows i've ever been to because not only did he actually hit number 1 with Money On My Mind that day, i was so So SO close i could of touched him and THEN I LITERALLY GOT TO MEET HIM AFTERWARDS! i never expected that and he was so so lovely!! it was at a very small venue and i am incredibly lucky, i also met some v v lovely people, i'm still on such a massive high ! i think my song favourites of the night were Together, Latch and Lay Me Down, he was FLAWLEss ok im not even over it wow 
             :) :) MY FAVOURITE PICTURE EVER :) :) 

    literally how close i was ok no zoom 

have a listen to my favourites ! 

the support act for the night was Josh Record and he was very VERY good so look out for him ! I also spoke to Josh briefly at the end because I recognised his name on a track by Bondax (Fires, have a listen hehe) he was very sweet and talented and gave us a free cd of his :) 

so yeah thank u for reading if anyone actually cares lol 
I LOVE GOING TO CONCERTS THATS ALL I PLAN ON DOING WHEN IM OLDER lmao, the v festival line up comes put next week SO we'll discuss that soon.. 
and SORRY for absolutely zero posts, i'm meant to be revising while i'm writing this quick one, so much work to do recently :( but i'm gonna get back on track real soon, im thinking of doing a music post bc I always find things i want to share HAHA 

x x  


surprise bitch and happy new year!



... i really hope you guys have seen the ahs gif all over tumblr and understand the joke i'm trying to make..

(but if you havent nrvm)

so HEY! Basically i've had a sudden burst of motivation i guess, maybe its this whole new year vibes thing??
idk man im SO happy to be back to blogspot hehe 
and idk how you guys find the time and effort to post so much either like wow you really have your lives together and u rock ! 
but YEAh, i really hope you all had a wonderful, fabbity fab christmas and new year! i really enjoyed mine with my family and ah it was so cute :) :) my new years eve was hilarious too, i went to my friends party had a really lovely night with about 15 of us from school it was fab ! 
so everyone, lets ignore the fact that the last post on this blog was before halloween 2013 and in which i was declaring how i am going to blog more, and share a few december/january favourites with you ok ?
LOVE THESE AH: real techniques brushes, flume deluxe edition, river island sequined skirt (i'll style that in a post soon!), jewel hip flask, gilly hicks perfume, chanel blush, benefit perfume 'ring my bella', all of which actually i got for christmas (aswell as tickets to see the 1975 in april may i add !!!!!! i was so happy i like cried ok)

ooh and alexa chung's book 'IT' go buy it ok it's very very good ! 

ok yes i know the image quality isn't great but i can't find my camera battery so i took them from my iphone, sorry!
SO that's all for now, maybe we will see another post in the next few days, but then again maybe not.. but we probably will.. but i'm not promising.

OH YES bc its the new year n stuff i might make a small few design changes soon! so to the very few readers i have left, i hope you all like 
(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・
until next post ! love y'all  x


im back ☆*:.。.ヽ(^。^)丿.。.:*☆

hey there! so i'm back! hehe and wow i've missed blogging! It's weird to think actually that in my last post i was 14 hahaha :) i'm sorry for my MAJor lack of posts, its basically been assessment after massive long homeworks after tests on the school side of things, along with sport pretty much everyday! Its been one of those things where on a rare ocassion, even if  i had time to make a post, i'd have no motivation and nothing to say basically! I think i'll make a new header soon though, i feel like a tiny change hehe (✿◠‿◠)

So right now i'm on half term, PRAISE DA LORD! On friday i had a really good night, i went to a halloween house party with people from school, it was good fun hehe and i dressed up as a cave girl hahaha, it was a pretty rad costume if i do say so myself, but none of the photos are blog worthy at all unfortunately, they are literally all badly lit selfies with friends lol  ┌(・。・)┘♪

This week i'm pretty busy being off school and stuff but  i do plan to write some posts :) but right now its hardcore raining and i've avoided outside at all costs basically. I've rewatched old Summer Heights High episodes (TOO FUNNY OMG) and ate and made a bit of a wishlist because i still have birthday money you see hehe (◕‿◕✿)

and below is a super weird random doodle i drew in a school book last week

and also another random iphone picture of last weekends outfit that i thought was pretty cute, idk

but yeah so that is all in my update and hopefully you haven't neglected me and my crappy blogging guyz, anyway until next post! 


my weekend

hey everyone! so as i mentioned in my last post its my birthday tomorrow! and i had the most fab weekend to celebrate :))))
i went personal shopping in topshop in oxford circus and it was so much fun, basically they pick out outfits for you and put them on a rail and you just try them all on and pick what you want, it was heaps of fun hehe! 
me being sassy oh yisss (✿◠‿◠)

i bought so so so much like over £300 worth omfg ( i got all my birthday money early hehe) but i've decided to show you everything in outfit posts to come!

but yes i bought clash magazine at the train station on the way home purely because of The 1975 bit, can't deny matty healy on the cover I JUST HAD TO OKay

but anyway after my fab shopping experience (haha) i went to this really rad restaurant called The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields, i recommend it so so much if anyone gets a chance to go there let me know! it is ultimately a breakfast cafe but has a super good lunch and dinner menu too aswell, it is seriously the coolest place, i left my camera at home and my phone ran out of battery so i don't have heaps of photos but the american pancakes are beautiful trust me

and oh yeah just to add the fact that the wallpaper in the toilet was My Little Pony, that's how brill this place was  (✿◠‿◠) until next post everyone, I'LL BE 15 HEHEH  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


lately (◡‿◡✿)

   hey you! 
ugh isn't jourdan dunn so flawless omg, basically i bought this june/july issue of Russh magazine last weekend and you know i was pretty pleased with my find because you literally cannot get it anywhere in the uk, ANYWHERE, it just so happens that i was in selfridges ( i know, i know) last weekend and i spotted it on the shelf along with frankie and other international magazines and yeah how fabbity fab fab :) 
i know its actually an older issue (i reckon they come out way later over here idk) but yeah i bought it mainly because of the massive spread on jourdan bc she's one of my favourite models hehe and the sky ferreira shoot because she is such a babe and i love her music so much, perf! 
so anyway yeah this week has been pretty ok, but sport and homework has taken over my life let's face it..

 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆BUT ITS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT TUESDAY! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
and this weekend i'm doing Topshop personal shopping at the big oxford circus one i'm so excited and eating at this fab restaurant up london :) and also i've had a right touch because i have a day off school on tuesday too!
hope you've been enjoying your week, we shall blog on the weekend 



hey you! I'm back! sorry I've taken a bit of a hiatus hehe :) but well let's face it I put more effort into my blog than my school work hahaha ( i'm sure you can back me up on this one ) and I'm a huge procrastinator too so well I sort of had some catching up to do lol  (◡‿◡✿)

But yeah my week has been good ( apart from endless homework amounts, I can't deal at all) netball training went well and I got this massive folder, it's this new England netball thing and we have to fill it out every week omfg

And oh yeah a few weeks ago I bought he new The 1975 album AND IT'S SO PERFECT I CAN'T EVEN hehehe I love matty healy so much ugh (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫ tbh it's kind of annoying that everyone loves them now because of Harry Styles's tweet like r u serious m8. Am I the only where things like this get on ma nerves? Idk haha but yeah hope you had a fabulous week ok love ya  (◡‿◡✿)


back 2 school bluez

hey everyone! well this blog has been extremely neglected :( basically i went back to school last week yaaaaaay (can you hear the sarcasm radiating through your screen?) and well yeah school and sport = zero time to blog, how irritating ugh. 
but anyway i thought i'd share only a few music favourites with you, it's literally so short so maybe i'll do a longer playlist type thing another time (◠‿◕✿)

this is the stuff i usually listen to on the way to school, and i think they some it up really, i mean i do have summertime sadness still and will do probably up until my birthday in october, and yeah everything is embarrassing and every day in this country is literally sweater weather (it poured all day today fyi)
ok so i hope you appreciated my collage and have a listen hehehe, we shall blog tomorrow (◠‿◕✿)

lana del rey vs cedric gervais - summertime sadness

disclosure - f for you

sky ferreira - everything is embarrassing 

the neighbourhood - sweater weather 

oh yeah and tell me what you think of the new design, not sure about the header yet!