my favourite perfumes and mini reviews

hey everyone! so today i wanted to share with you my favourite perfumes, this is not all of them but here's a little display and each one will have a little description :)  i hope you enjoy this post and the pictures!

Gilly Hicks Cammeray Petal Mist (far left)
i use this near enough everyday and its so nice as a quick spritz haha, it lasts a surprisingly long time even though its not actually perfume. its super fresh and fruity as well, yum!

Gilly Hicks Body Splash Blue Peony (second from left)
this fragrance is actually stunning i love it so much it smells pretty much like the gilly hicks store itself, perfect summer scent, it comes in a massive bottle and its lasted me ages and the floral packaging is gorgeous so i had to stick that in the background ;) unfortunately though i don't think they sell this anymore which is a shame because i think its one of the best ones! gilly hicks do have loads of splashes though and they're all pretty similar :)

Gilly Hicks Linden Wylder Mist (middle, blue stripey bottle)
another gilly hicks fave! this one and cammeray petal are the best gilly hicks mists in my opinion. this one is also really fresh and features honey, white elderberry and warm woods (whatever that is, lol) i actually tend to use this one more as a room spray :)

Benefit Crescent Row- Laugh With Me LeeLee and So Hooked On Carmella (front two mini ones)
i actually have the whole benefit crescent row set but these are my two favourites. First of all i love the bottles and its not pictured but the box my set came in was sooo cute aswell. Laugh With Me Leelee is a very woody floral and i'd say its also has a slight citrus. also i'm literally hooked on carmella hahaha, this is soooo sweet to the point where it smells like ice cream, it's literally yummy and has vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

Lady Gaga Fame (the black one with the gold cap) 
the liquid of this perfume is actually black! it looks really scary haha but no it doesn't come out as a black liquid, its invisible just like any other perfume. the scent is a nice suprise actually because it's really floral and fruity, which you wouldn't expect with its packaging and black liquid, basically i love this!

Ralph Lauren Romance ( see the second image, to the right of the Benefit ones)
this is a clean floral perfume and its kind of a rosy citrus blend which i really like, its not overly strong either and nice and romantic :)

Juicy Couture Peace Love and Juicy Couture (far right)
i think i love the bottle more than anything with this perfume, it looks nice on my dressing table with the turquoise beads, heart shaped pendant and fluffy pink thing haha. the smell is nice and very floral but strong, so you only need like a tiny bit!  :)

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  1. I'd like to try lady gaga's perfume!

    xx Marianne

  2. Thankyou for such a lovely comment! I definitely need to try some new perfumes, I've been using Loverdose for what seems like centuries (but it smells good so it's okay) so thanks for the suggestions! xx


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