new in: smashbox studio skin foundation (yay) and back to school (meh)

hey you! eurgh went back to school today *crys* but it was actually an alright day i guess, i just was so not in the mood for lessons, even though german was quite hilarious :D but safe to say i miss the holidays already! anyway i wanted to share a new foundation that i bought yesterday that i lovelovelove, its by smashbox, soo nice! enjoy this post and hope you all had a nice monday :p            
in ma uniform hahaha

this foundation is one of the best i've tried (the bobbi brown foundation stick comes second lol) it lasted pretty much all day and is pretty natural looking, while also still being buildable with medium to full coverage. it's also oil free :). For some reason i really like the box? i dunno, probably because what you see is what you get haha! Basically i love it, the only thing though is that it's expensive, mine was £27.50 which is dull but there's a fairly big range of shades which cheaper foundations usually don't (but should) have. And my shade is 3.4 :) 


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  2. Ooh, youre so beautiful! I love that hair!
    We are two girls from Finnland and we just found your blog, its amazing! :)

  3. just discover your blog and loveeee it :)


  4. I haven't tried that out. Maybe I will after my MAC SFF is finished. :) xx

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