miss vogue

hey you! so yeah basically i'm really excited about the new miss vogue! i've been reading american teen vogue magazine forever basically and now british vogue have finally made a teen version! about time to be honest! but anyway miss vogue is pretty much like teen vogue but well um british! The june issue is the first one and who else but Cara Delevingne as their first cover girl! It came free with british vogue with Kate Moss on the cover, 2 in 1 yay! i don't even know but i'm well excited because i'm a huge magazine addict, literally i'll get about 6 a month, its insane i know but i like collecting them hehehe, yes i realise if you're not a british teen you probably won't really care, but i hope you found my fan girling entertaining anyway! hahaha :)


  1. love this post! cara looks amazing, definitely going to read miss vogue when i go to england this year! xx


    1. thankyou! I know right she's perfect haha, yay! xxx

  2. Cara is one of my favorite models! I also love to read Teen Vogue:)

    xx Marianne

  3. I'm your new follower <3 Amazing blog
    Check my blog and if you like, follow back!

    Love, Ema

  4. Ah that's brilliant! I had no idea they were coming out with a British one - the American one is so annoying when it's all prices in dollars! Thanks for the blogpost!

    Yinyin xx


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