my everyday makeup products

hiiii! today i thought i'd show you my everyday essentials in the makeup bag today hehe! its just my basic everyday look hehe, i don't wear as much every single say now its summer and all that but yeah i'll go through each product :)))

ok so... :)
Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation -  i did a review type thing on this product when i bought it, its amazing hehe, link here 

Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil - basically a tinted wax pencil, its not overly pigmented which is a good thing hehe, i really like this product although constant sharpening is annoying haha!

Rimmel London Glam Eyes professional liquid liner - i love this omg! its really dark black which i love and is really long lasting it takes a while to dry though and not really ideal if you don't have a steady hand (i'm a pro, lol) 

Bobbi Brown Crystal Lipgloss - i didn't actually buy this product because it came free with another Bobbi Brown purchase, but its really nice if you use a little bit because its quite thick. Its also really shiny though and sometimes i use it over lipstick hehe.

Mac Satin Powder Blush in Fleur Power - probably my favourite mac product that i own, its highly pigmented and also really buildable :) its my favorite shade and i've had it for ages now, it lasts forever!

Real Techniques stippling brush - ah its perfect, it gives high definition results, and you can use it for everything basically (i use mine mainly for foundation) it blends like flawlessly yay :)

Bobbi Brown foundation stick - i use this as a kind of concealer because it gives really full coverage, you can also use it all over the face, this is one of my favourites too.

 Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - it makes your eyelashes really fluttery hahah, i like that its quite thick and clumpy aswell :)

Rimmel London Bronzer - i actually forgot what its proper name is because i've had it for ages haha its a favourite :)  but yeah i use it as more of a peach toned blusher, it comes out really nice and not overly orange or brown, a nice mix of the two :)

so i hope you enjoyed this really long post haha, it took forever! what are favourite everyday products?

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  1. love this hun! i did a previous post like this too, and i love my maybelline collosal mascara and my rimmel wake me up foundation :) xxx



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