summertime ball!

hey everyone! ahhh i had the best night yesterday i went to the capital fm summertime ball :)))))) which is basically a concert with loads and loads of acts at wembley football stadium, it was amazing omfg! i went last year and saw usher, justin bieber, katy perry and loads of others but this year they had waaay more acts (21!) i won't name them all but my favourites were definately disclosure, aluna george, will.i.am, lawson, rudimental, ellie goulding, duke dumont, naughty boy and PSY (he was amazing literally 80,000 people were doing gangnam style!) i can't get over how amazing sam smith was he was a sort of guest act with disclosure and also naughty boy but he was soo soo soooo good! i preferred the smaller acts and dj's to the bigger ones actually this year, but taylor swift brought out ed sheeran and that was really cute lol :3 oh yeah OMG JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was hosting the whole night and he was perfect and he even performed ahhhh, i'm talking to much but it was just a really really good night! buzzing for v festival now hehehe! click here to see more pictures and the full lineup if you want :)

 ^cheeky outfit photo, lolz ^

from left to right:
disclosure ( with eliza doolittle), aluna george, psy
psy, lawson, naughty boy (with sam smith)
will.i.am, justin timberlake, not sure who was on the last one.

  ^ will.i.am and his robots hahahah ^


  1. Ah, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran together is just the cutest thing, he is so adorable.

  2. Love love love your nike trainers. Such a gorgeous colour x


  3. Wow! Looks like a great consert! And I'm loving your outfit and the way you style those trainers:)

    xx Marianne

  4. Wow looks like you had a great time! Lovely outfit! It's cute and comfy! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate

  5. love your shoes- feel free to check out our blog xx

  6. Really nice blog! :)



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