cute summer

hey everyone! Yesterday was so nice heheh I went to brighton with the family yay! Urgh I love it there so much mostly the shops and pier and everything! And there always seems to be really hot boys there I'm not even joking hahah i dont even know but its great! Disclosure are playing there in November and I loveeee them so I'm really hoping to get tickets heheh! I bought a really nice jumper in jack wills and i havent been there in forever so yeah cute :))) and also my shoes that I ordered came today so I'll show y'all in a post tomorrow maybe! Oh yeah and I should have an Instagram up soon (finally, lol) so stay tuned up in hurrrr bahah, until next post guys! ❤


  1. Nice! Seems like a great trip. I'd really like to visit Brighton! :)



thankyou heaps for your lovely comments! i read and appreciate every single one! check back soon because i'm trying to reply to them more heheh ly x