GIRL CRUSH: Rachel Rutt

She'll most likely look a bit familiar to you seeing as she probably always pops up on your tumblr dash, well she does mine anyway! its none other than Australian model Rachel Rutt! (◠‿◕✿) 
i think rachel is just the coolest person, not only is she stunning and a fabulous model, i think she has an amazing unique taste in style. And omg she has the most rad hobbies, she is a knitting queen and used to be a balloonist, i mean how cool you could like make a balloon animal zoo!!111!! (lol)
Rachel is definitely a model to watch, she's been in loads of Australian magazines, australian and italian editions of vogue and i noticed her in the Urban Outfitters festival lookbook, aswell as appearing among lots of brands such as Minkpink and Australian label Sass and Bide. She was one of the most sought after girls at Australian Fashion Week and is well known on tumblr, but keep an eye out because i think she's still yet to make it massive! definitely one of my girl crushes!

p.s: new blog design coming soon hopefully, we'll see!


  1. yesss she's so gorgeous! haha, yeah she was in this campaign for sportsgirl a very short time ago and it said she was a textile designer as well :)


    1. urgh i know and she seems like the cutest nicest person aswell heheh, aw really wow :)))

  2. I love her so so much! Just found your blog! It is gorgeous! I am now following you!

    This mine:

    Would be really happy if you could take a look at it and follow if you like :)
    Thanks x

    1. aw thankyou! ahh yes same she's the like biggest babe hahah :)))


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