inspiration vibez

hey everyone! i dunno i haven't done one of these inspiration collages in a while so why not basically (✿◠‿◠)
i think these pictures kind of sum up what i've been rating right now, and the sort of things i'm inspired by, i love holographic stuff at the moment i have no idea why but yah so shiny n pritty  lol. and the stickers! omg the stickers i love them sparkly gem things! the ones that come in all different colours  (⌒▽⌒)☆
see the instax camera that's covered in them? well i need that in my life complete with stickers and all ok its fab hehe.
yes i know this is a pretty random collection of stuff, i didn't really think about it i just pulled things from tumblr that i was drawn to, i don't really know, but on the whole the more colourful the better at the moment!

so that's that i hope you found it a tiny bit interesting and oh yeah i'm ill at the moment so thats the explanation as to why i haven't posted :( BUT SCHOOL STARTS SO SOON OMFG I HAVE LIKE A WEEK. i can't cope this isn't fair, i'm gonna have to actually study and stuff and as a procrastination queen i'm bricking it, gr8 ~(>_<。)anyway hope you've all had lovely days, shall post soon :)

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  1. That is one neat collage! It looks good, and so does your blog in general.
    I'm a new reader here, can't wait for more posts. No pressure though, good luck for school as well :)



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