new in

new in: to be added to the kingdom of mess aka my wardrobe.
but hey fabulous people! here's a couple of things i've bought recently :) hope y'all like!

so wow i went in jack wills.. i used to really love jack wills like i'd buy it so much (those were my embarrassing days ok) but now i don't go in there very often i guess, and if i do i'll buy their sweatpants (for netball training and sport and stuff) but anyway i went in for a browse and they had a sale on and basically i really really liked this jumper :) its a wide crew neck and so cosy omg, maybe i'll do an outfit post and show yous in more detail, i'm thinking denim shorts :)

ok now look at these though. they're perfect ok i can't wait to wear them hahaha! they're by Rihanna for River Island and were in the sale from £95 to £35 :) pretty good actually! all i can say really is how nice they are, they look so much better on to be honest and are really comfortable to walk in, also making me really tall so that's always good ha! next party i think!

ok i'm done now i hoped you enjoyed this post a little bit :) oh yesss and i'm thinking of changing my design a bit because it looks really naff and crap at the moment, any suggestions anyone?


  1. those shoes are so fab x


  2. Hey girl, i like your blog
    very nice new stuff
    would you like to follow each other? let me know on

  3. love those boots!




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