the summer shortlist

Hey! Well basically I thought of this thing where I’m gonna show you all the stuff I’ve been loving this summer, the stuff that's all good, and yeah I’m calling it the shortlist. Maybe I’ll do more in the future, we’ll see, anyway enjoy!

browsing: rookiemag.com, for all things sassy and inspirational and fun reading, tavi gevinson is such a babe and a genius omg  (◠‿◕✿) so that and tumblr basically, check out my blog here  woohooo

wearing: i'm obsessing over overalls and bralettes right now, they're so pretty hahaha and of course frilly Topshop socks in every colour, bright bright lipsticks (Topshop's 'all about me' is gr8) also and the (double) space bun hairstyle that has featured in a few my pictures hahaha 

eating: seaside chips and endless amounts of pizza. healthy.

drinking: vanilla frappuccino and the apple and raspberry flavour vitamin water omg its addictive 

coveting: mom jeans, new balance runner trainers, a kimono 

visiting: the beach! Brighton is like my fave place ever (there is so much shopping and urgh what more could you want?) and Shoreditch, London, there's a really cool breakfast bar there :)

watching: the new series of keeping up with the kardashians (that show is my life ok, the one where Khloe and Kris teepee'd Kim's house i was crying hahaha) and Britain and Irelands Next Top Model 

listening: oh god um everything really, Flume, Sky Ferreira, Disclosure and The 1975 to name a small few heheh :)

so yup that concludes my summer shortlist, hope you enjoyed and comment and tell me what you've been loving/rating/obsessing/fangirling over ok yeah bye love ya  (◠‿◕✿)


  1. oh i agree with every part of thisssss

    would you like to follow each other?

  2. I love this idea! I'm kind of an obsessive list maker so that's logical...
    I also adore the way you write, it's so cute. (:

    Greta xoxo

  3. Everyone seems to be coveting their parent's jeans haha.I like this list, * inspired*

    you can visit my blogsphere too and we can follow each if you wish :)



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