v festival 2013

OMFG WHERE DO I START!? I went to  V Festival and literally had the best weekend ever, I saw so many amazing people it was fab! I have so much to say so I'll break it down for you hahaha 


so as soon as we got there we went to see nina nesbitt,my cousin wanted to see her and I'm not really a fan but her performing Stay Out was really good hehe :)

we went to see paloma faith and she was really really good, way better than I expected! We weaved our way to the front while the stage was empty and got such a good spot! :) 

AND THEN OMG I saw Two Door Cinema Club on the main stage and we were so near the front! It was so perfect, Alex Trimble was perfect, Sam and Kevin were perfect, the whole set was perfect basically asdfghjkl 

So they were finishing up and we legged it over to the future tent and saw Sam Smith, he was literally flawless and his voice is insane I can't even, I saw him in June at the summertime ball with Disclosure and Naughty Boy and he was fab then but it was even more amazing this time because we were soooo close like he was basically singing to me hahaha! One of the highlights of the weekend!

We were actually a lot closer than it looks here! ugh I love him so much, if you don't know him (you should) go check him out now!

We went and saw The Script and they were so entertaining and fab hahah, it was hilarious they asked for someone to call their ex and they sang to them and made thousands of people say bye asshole to this girls ex boyfriend on the phone omfg!

and then BEYONCE was headlining the main stage for Saturday obviously she was amazing, every single one of her outfit changes were flawless and the les twins were so great. Urgh she is literally perfection I couldn't cope omg!


Sunday was even more brilliant wow! 
First we saw John Newman and Love Me  Again was so live! his voice is so fab aw :))))

then we went to see Jason Mraz sing I Won't Give Up and I'm Yours and basically I couldn't even see the screen hahaha, we saw Olly Murs for like two songs and then we went to the 4 music stage :)

when we got to the 4 music stage some random old man was performing (seasick Steve lol wtf) and barely anyone was there so we charged to the very front and waited 30 minutes for Rudimental! 
They were the absolute highlight of my weekend seriously we were 2nd row right at the front and it was insane! AND OMG I GOT ON TV HAHAHA all my friends were texting me like omg I just saw you hahaha! kind of embarrassing but still fab! 
         look how close we were though! 

And here's a blurry screenshot of me on Tv omg haha!

but yeah! so the girls in front of me and my cousin decided to see Ellie Goulding instead of waiting for Kendrick Lamar so we were like omfg yesssssssss! we were literally right at the front like there were metal barriers in front of us hahah! 

HAhAhhaha get in! 

We had to sit through some terrible band for half an hour though which was painful but when Kendrick came on it was so worth it! I swear to god he pointed at me hahaha! F*cking problems, Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe and him performing Swimming Pools at the end was the best!   I reckon we got on TV for that aswell because we were front row and the camera man loved us basically lol :))) but I can't find a replay :( and omg right near us but in the VIP bit was Dudley O'shaughnessy OMFG you know the model in the Rihanna We Found Love video yeah him, wow he's even more beautiful in person I'm not joking!
It was so hard to take a discreet photo oh my god! hahaha look at his hat though he is so perf I can't 

so yep we had to leave the front because we were SO hungry hahah and then we watched Rita Ora and Calvin Harris from a distance because it was getting a bit overly mental, BUT ON THE WHOLE I HAD THE BEST WEEKEND EVER! I hope you enjoyed my detailed essay of events that took place on Saturday and Sunday, you better not have skipped to the end this took ages! 

ok I'm going my hands hurt from typing ok bye love ya ❤


  1. OMG! It really seems like a perfect weekend! So amazing that there even was so many so great artists in one festival!! It's so different here in Finland... :-D

    Picture Me

  2. hehe YES IT REALLY WAS! ah i know i was so lucky i didn't even think i'd be going both days :D do you have many festivals in Finland?! :)))

  3. This looks like a blast! I love your necklace!! Lovely blog!


  4. ahh im soo jealous you got to go! cant beleive you got to see kendrick and beyonce, well done for getting on tv haha xx

  5. omg looks like so much fun



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