im back ☆*:.。.ヽ(^。^)丿.。.:*☆

hey there! so i'm back! hehe and wow i've missed blogging! It's weird to think actually that in my last post i was 14 hahaha :) i'm sorry for my MAJor lack of posts, its basically been assessment after massive long homeworks after tests on the school side of things, along with sport pretty much everyday! Its been one of those things where on a rare ocassion, even if  i had time to make a post, i'd have no motivation and nothing to say basically! I think i'll make a new header soon though, i feel like a tiny change hehe (✿◠‿◠)

So right now i'm on half term, PRAISE DA LORD! On friday i had a really good night, i went to a halloween house party with people from school, it was good fun hehe and i dressed up as a cave girl hahaha, it was a pretty rad costume if i do say so myself, but none of the photos are blog worthy at all unfortunately, they are literally all badly lit selfies with friends lol  ┌(・。・)┘♪

This week i'm pretty busy being off school and stuff but  i do plan to write some posts :) but right now its hardcore raining and i've avoided outside at all costs basically. I've rewatched old Summer Heights High episodes (TOO FUNNY OMG) and ate and made a bit of a wishlist because i still have birthday money you see hehe (◕‿◕✿)

and below is a super weird random doodle i drew in a school book last week

and also another random iphone picture of last weekends outfit that i thought was pretty cute, idk

but yeah so that is all in my update and hopefully you haven't neglected me and my crappy blogging guyz, anyway until next post! 


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  2. Your blog is the cutest <3
    Also happy birthday to you too! 15 is such a big number ;)

  3. thankyou for the comment on my blog :) I just followed you on bloglovin, your blog is so lovely and cute! x have a fab day


    1. you're very welcome and aw thank u heaps, yours is too! :) x

  4. Love that last picture!! Looks great :)
    Sarah x

  5. lovely blog you got :))

    xx teenj

  6. I adore your outfit in the last picture! Everyone has dry blogging periods! Don't worry about it


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thankyou heaps for your lovely comments! i read and appreciate every single one! check back soon because i'm trying to reply to them more heheh ly x