sam smith 23/2/14

HELLO BLOG ! long time no internet but  omg so ok i went to see sam smith in brighton on sunday (for the 3rd time lol I feel like I've repeated this so much HAHA) but it was honestly one of the best shows i've ever been to because not only did he actually hit number 1 with Money On My Mind that day, i was so So SO close i could of touched him and THEN I LITERALLY GOT TO MEET HIM AFTERWARDS! i never expected that and he was so so lovely!! it was at a very small venue and i am incredibly lucky, i also met some v v lovely people, i'm still on such a massive high ! i think my song favourites of the night were Together, Latch and Lay Me Down, he was FLAWLEss ok im not even over it wow 
             :) :) MY FAVOURITE PICTURE EVER :) :) 

    literally how close i was ok no zoom 

have a listen to my favourites ! 

the support act for the night was Josh Record and he was very VERY good so look out for him ! I also spoke to Josh briefly at the end because I recognised his name on a track by Bondax (Fires, have a listen hehe) he was very sweet and talented and gave us a free cd of his :) 

so yeah thank u for reading if anyone actually cares lol 
I LOVE GOING TO CONCERTS THATS ALL I PLAN ON DOING WHEN IM OLDER lmao, the v festival line up comes put next week SO we'll discuss that soon.. 
and SORRY for absolutely zero posts, i'm meant to be revising while i'm writing this quick one, so much work to do recently :( but i'm gonna get back on track real soon, im thinking of doing a music post bc I always find things i want to share HAHA 

x x  


  1. This looks so fun!! Cool photo too :)

    xx opinionslave.com

    PS- I would love for you to enter my $250 Topshop giveaway on Instagram :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous! I love Sam Smith, his voice is stunning.

    Lindsey. x

  3. wanna know whats funny, I was watching videos of live shows of sam smith on youtube. haha
    sam smith is a great artist, i really feel envious that you met him and take note, had a picture with him!
    great post! x
    love always,


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